Company History

The companies earliest activities consisted of importing raw materials for fertilisers for the Dutch market. Through the years Melspring developed from an importer and trading company into a company that develops and produces its own products and exports them to countries throughout the world.

Since 1958 Melspring offers a complete line of reliable Pool Care products with high standards for public swimming pools, private pools and spas. A full range of premium chlorine products, pH stabilizers, flocculants, anti-algae and cleaning products has been developed. Melspring is continuously working on product innovations to meet the ever changing requirements of the modern pool user. 


Next to that, in the 1970s Melspring started to import ferrous sulphate for water purification purposes. That was the starting point for developing solutions for municipal and industrial waste water treatment, including aluminium salts, flocculants, sodium aluminates, poly electrolytes and carbon sources. Later on, Melspring started producing and supplying various products for greenhouse horticulture for drip water treatment, irrigation and cleaning.      

Being part of the Olmix group since 2006, has created major opportunities for our company. Re-alignment within the group and our pro-active mentality will lead to an even higher service level and further growth.

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