Melspring Water Treatment

Melspring has over 30 years of experience in waste water treatment and has grown from a supplier of ferrous sulphate into an application technology oriented company. Nowadays, we provide water treatment solutions for two different fields: waste water treatment and water treatment greenhouse horticulture. 

Waste water treatment
Our main markets are the municipal and industrial waste water treatment installations in the Benelux. Using our extensive knowledge, we help our customers to optimize their process efficiency. With our advice, our on site services and our products we are a valuable partner. We serve our community not only by creating clear and safe water, but since many years we are also using secondary waste streams for useful waste water applications. Herewith really creating a win-win situation for both our clients and the environment.

Water treatment greenhouse horticulture
We are producer and supplier for greenhouse horticulture in the Benelux of various products for drip water treatment, irrigation and cleaning. In addition, we provide (product)advice and guidance with regard to the drip water / irrigation system to be used, preparation for the crop change, the use of the various disinfectants and the irrigation strategy that must be used.

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